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Why Wasatch?

This showcase/testimonial hybrid video serves as a tool for the team at Heber Valley Economic Development when talking to businesses looking to relocate. By combining custom graphics, spectacular visuals, and great testimonials, the question quickly becomes, "Why not Wasatch?"

Selphi Eco Salon

In this showcase-style video, Carissa shows off her one of a kind environmentally-friendly salon. Notice how the use of custom animated graphics help highlight the main points she wants to get across.

Tri-City Orthodontics

This is a hybrid of the problem-solution and promotional video. See how Dr. Collette shares the value of visiting his office and ends with an unbeatable offer: $1,000 off an alignment treatment.

Best Foote Forward

This problem-solution video presents the problem of loving and helping someone struggling with addiction. Tom and Shay have been there and offer empowered family recovery as the solution.

Extremis: The Clear Experience

This part-showcase, part-testimonial video gives viewers a look into Extremis's Clear Experience. By giving an inside look at their training and the opportunity to hear from those that have participated, the audience is given a sample of the experience.

5 Home Value Tips

Home sellers get straightforward advice from Landon Bonner as he enumerates five essential things they could do to increase their home value in this educational video.

How Does It Work?

Step 1 - Plan

We'll help you script and plan your video. This includes what you say and how you say it so that you get a response.

Step 2 - Film

We'll help you either film the video on your smartphone, or help you find a local videographer (negotiate their rates).

Step 3 - Final Video

We'll take care of all the hard stuff--editing, color correcting, text/graphical animations, and professional music.

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