Be Known By Your Audience

Start building relationships with potential customers before they walk through your door

Communicate by the power of video!

What's Stopping You?

Your customers are demanding entertaining and informative videos. The demand has never been greater! With changing online habits to preferring videos there has never been a more important time to make videos a part of your business. However, creating videos is not a small task and comes with many challenges. More than likely you've gotten stuck by one of these three things:

#1: Technical Challenges

Easily sail through the technical side by either learning how to film yourself or be connected with a local video person that does the filming.

#2: What Content

Clarify your key messages through our scripting process where we'll first understand your unique offer and help communicate that to your audience.

#3: Distribution

What good is a video if no one sees it? Our process ensures your video is seen by your desired audience and brings in new quality customers immediately.

Make Videos Or Go Out Of Business

Did you know that 54% of your customers want to see video content from you?* We understand that you probably don't want to become some online video guru but you need to recognize the simple fact that if you don't create videos about your business, you'll be left behind!

Right now, 87% of marketing professions use video as an effective tool. What our clients say, is that videos help build relationships with potential customers before they even walk in their door. What would happen to your business if new leads came in already trusting you? You'd sell your services much more easily!

It's been proven that video marketing equals higher profits! Over 80% of marketers show an ROI on their video ads. We see our clients get many more qualified leads through our video ads than other mediums they tried before. 

Now you may still have your doubts about creating videos and that's okay. There are a lot of things to figure out before a video proves valuable to you. We help you see value faster and avoid the common mistakes beginners make.

* Referenced Oberlo.

FREE Scripting Session

Stuck not knowing what to say in your marketing video? Let us write & plan your video using our proven scripting tools -- For FREE!

Case Studies & Examples

Lifestyle Chiropractic

This chiropractor had someone run in within minutes of their campaign launching asking to take advantage of their services. He quickly became a believer in the power of video marketing.

The Beauty Lounge

Salons run on word-of-mouth, but we can stimulate that! Check out the immediate results in this example.

TLN Family Dentistry

TLN Family Dentistry was able to bring in new clients with this mix of showcase and promo style video. Show the benefits of your company to your audience and reel in your own new customers!

Selphi Eco Salon

In this showcase-style video, Carissa shows off her one-of-a-kind environmentally-friendly salon. Notice how the use of custom-animated graphics help to highlight her key points.

High Country Spas

Our client had some fun ideas, but didn't know how to bring those ideas to life. Teaming up with us, he was able to create a fun video while bringing attention to and promoting his business.

Video Marketing Packages

video ONLY package

Create one or several marketing videos with a local video pro filming at your business.

  • Scripting session
  • Local video pro
  • Half day of film time (2-4 hours)
  • 10 day editing turnaround
  • Commercial music track
  • Basic text animation
Pro Video Marketing package

A package of 15 promo videos filmed by a local video pro & marketed to your target audience.

  • 10-15 professional produced videos (includes camera crew)
  • Ads on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube
  • Email/SMS messages
  • Custom built landing pages
  • 800,000 impressions (ad budget)