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No more excuses. Let’s do some video marketing.

It’s about time you used video (the world’s most popular medium) to tell the story of your business. We send the camera, you film it, and in 2 weeks or less, we’ll deliver your edited video. Easy, peasy.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Get Your
Camera & Script

We’ll send you the equipment you need and a custom script so you can start filming right away.

Step 2 – Film it

With our guidance, you’ll be armed with everything you need to film the perfect marketing video.

Step 3 – Get Your Video

We’ll edit and send you a completed marketing video within 2 weeks.

Voila! Use your new video in your campaign,
and watch the leads and revenues roll in.

Happy clients, healthy profits.

Don’t take our word for it: see what some of our recent clients have to say about working with Marketing Videos Club.

“I ran the ad and three minutes later, someone came running into the office and said, hey, I saw your ad, I want to come in!”

Dr. Phillips posted a video to social media and got an immediate response.

“Our rate of return on our investments has been nothing but amazing.”

Dr. Collette spent $1,000 in ads and saw new-patient revenue increase by $30,000 within the first month of running his video.

“Super user-friendly and fun. It was very easy. We were only doing still shots, but with video, it adds so much.”

Zermatt Resort doubled their restaurant attendance and grew revenues from a series of video ads.

Who Would You Hire?

Let’s be honest about your video production options.

Videos Club

By Your
Lonesome Self

Hiring a Crazy-Expensive
Production Team

Professional qualityWe’ll do everything but hold your hand. Unless you ask nice, and then we’ll probably do that too.Probably not! (No offense. We’re no good at what you do. That’s why we do this, not that).Better be. You paid enough!
Cost-effectiveLess than 25% the fee of a big production company.You know from Business 101 that you lose money doing everything yourself.Hope you don’t need that arm. Or that leg.
Fast TurnaroundThe final product is yours in 2 weeks or less from filming.It’ll take you at least 2 weeks to just learn how to use the software and equipment. We could’ve finished your video by then!It took James Cameron 10 years to do Avatar. You think your project will be much faster?
Effective (the bottom line)Our happy clients have proven our process.As effective as playing the lottery.Not always. There’s no way to tell. Remember, a video professional is different than a marketer.
Step-by-step consultancyWe’ll do everything but hold your hand. Unless you ask nice, and then we’ll probably do that too.You’re all alone, cowboy!The only thing they’ll consult you on is how much more you should be paying them.

Donkey Tales: A Case Study

We helped this Utah-based business owner to create his first
marketing video, and went onsite after the filming process to
talk to him about how it went.

The Need

High Country Spas needed a problem-solution marketing
video about how their product brings users relaxation.

The Angle

They wanted to make a quirky video involving a donkey,
so we obliged. We wrote the script, they proofed it, and
they shot their video.

Unique Selling Point

This company takes pride in their excellent customer
service, and their spas are made in the USA.

The Result

We sent them a polished video in under 10 days, and they
were ecstatic about the whole process. Their words for us?
“We can’t wait to do this again!” See their final video below.

How much does it cost?

Great question. We have packages for budget projects and beyond, but
the cost varies depending on what you need.

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A Peek At Our Portfolio

We do way more than just donkey videos.
Here are a few of our most recent projects.

The Cottle Team Real Estate

In this showcase-style video, Dianne walks through one of her top listings. Notice how it’s professional and warm, helping to build rapport between the Cottle Team brand and their target audience — Utah homebuyers.

Single scoop

Tri-City Orthodontics

This is a hybrid of the problem-solution and promotional video. See how Dr. Collette shares the value of visiting his office and ends with an unbeatable offer: $1,000 off an alignment treatment.

“Our rate of return on our investments has been nothing but amazing.”

Single scoop

Crosspoint Presbyterian Church

In this testimonial video, members of Crosspoint speak to their favorite aspects about being a part of this church family. At the end, a simple call to action to visit the church brings the video together.

Kiddie cup

Theresa Morin: Crystal Healing

This part-showcase, part-storytelling video gives viewers a look into Theresa Morin’s crystal healing practice. Her brand, calm and minimalist, echoes in the tone we gave the video in post-production.

Single scoop

2 Farm Boys

In this showcase-style video, we are given a walkthrough on how this local soap company produces their all-natural products. Did you know that this 2 Farm Boys video had 5,000 organic views in the first 30 days? That’s the power of a good video!

Single scoop

The New Freelance

Work-life balance is important to author Amanda Layman, and that means being able to work without missing out on the fun things in life. This quick and quirky video promoting her new book, The New Freelance, illustrates how freelance writers can work from virtually anywhere and achieve work-life balance on the regular.

Single scoop

5 Home Value Tips

Home sellers get straightforward advice from Landon Bonner as he enumerates five essential things they could do to increase their home value in this educational video.

Double scoopLocal videographer

The 80/20 Summit Testimonials

In this testimonial video, attendees of the 80/20 Summit share why they came to the event and the valuable lessons they have learned. Toward the end of the video, they encourage more entrepreneurs to come and join the event.

Single scoop

Behind Braces #1

Behind Braces is a series of educational videos where Dr. Collette of Tri-City Orthodontics answers various questions that people who are considering dental braces treatment might have. In this first video, he talks about what you can and cannot eat during treatment.

Single scoop

Tom Stone Testimonial

Monroe from Heber City, UT talks about how Tom Stone helped him find a home despite his bad credit in this testimonial video for Guild Mortgage.

Single scoopLocal videographer


In this showcase/testimonial hybrid video, Jane Barlow talks about the very familiar problem of forgetfulness and how her all-natural supplement, BrainGlow can help improve brain function. Satisfied clients share their stories about how their lives became better after using BrainGlow.

Double scoop