You Should Use A Teleprompter!

One of the biggest challenges our clients face is knowing what to say on camera. We’ve created several worksheets and scripting tools to help! You can find these on our home page, next to our example videos.

Once you know what you want to say, now let’s talk about a tool that can help you focus on how you say it! When we have clients come into our studio we always recommend using a teleprompter. Initially we were against using them because we didn’t want people to sound scripted. Maybe that’s your fear.

If you just read the teleprompter once on camera then yes, you will come across as robotic. However, if you practice and follow the tips outlined in this video, you’ll not only be more natural but also say what you want to say on camera. Remember that you have to get and keep your audience’s attention. If you start babbling or rambling then they will jump before you know it!

The app we recommend is called Parrot Teleprompter. Best part is it’s a FREE download!