Yeah, We Worked With Verizon Wireless

At Cocoa Productions, we’re proud to have worked with so many rock-star companies, including Verizon Wireless. The digital media juggernaut realized the importance of creative marketing, especially in regards to video. That’s why they decided to work with us–they heard of our excellent track record in video marketing and decided to take advantage of our cost-effective options. The result? Informative videos that emphasize the company’s Video Lifestyle Solution for broadcasters.

Showing Off: Technology That Excels

Our videos, entitled ‘Technology Differentiators’ and ‘Business Differentiators,’ are all about showcasing what makes Verizon’s services different (and more awesome) than competitor services.

In the ‘Technology Differentiators’ video, Director of Product Management Ken Brueck discusses how Verizon’s technology, well, differs. Brueck says most of the differences are noticeable when customers are first getting started, as Verizon offers a software cloud-based solution. “Very few, if any third-party licenses” are used, and Verizon incorporates a single format across all platforms. Encoding with smooth streaming, RTMP, and similar formats are therefore unnecessary.

This process simplifies a whole mess o’ stuff, one of them being analytics. Brueck uses the example of working with five different video formats and then having to go back and aggregate each data source after content is viewed. This adds costs among other problems. With Verizon, all “bits and bites” are delivered the same way to assorted devices, making it easy to unify analytics, advertising strategy, and more. The result is a streamlined, cost-effective process. Certainly a unique aspect that’s worth promoting.

Showing Off: Business Practices That Shine

In ‘Business Differentiators,’ Brueck discusses how Verizon is “also very different” from a business perspective. The company charges for three things only: hours of content encoded, hours of content stored, and hours of content streamed. If you have a two-hour movie, says Brueck, and you “run it through the slicing process,” you would be charged for two hours of encoding, two hours of storage, and playback depending on how often your audience views it.

Charging by hours rather than gigabytes certainly differentiates Verizon from its competitors, which allows for greater cost predictability. Going the gigabyte route presents a whole set of headaches, whereas with hours streamed, once you’ve predicted the number of hours watched, you’re finished. Done. Caput. Measuring in terms of hours is also highly beneficial to an advertising strategy, because all you have to do is figure out your CPM. You don’t have to worry about “which” devices, or users, or anything else.

No One Better to Create the Show

We’re thrilled to have helped Verizon shed light on its AH-mazing services, as we firmly believe in going the extra mile for our clients. A strong video presence makes a huge difference in any company’s marketing strategy, as professional videos may be utilized on the business’s site, as well as YouTube and other social media outlets, and local/national syndication outlets. Informative, effective, creative videos not only increase company web ranking, they also increase the amount of time a consumer spends on your site. This dramatically impacts search engine ranking in a way few other marketing techniques can. CoCoa productions are industry leaders in creating hard-hitting, effective, and cost-efficient videos for small businesses and massive brands, like Verizon, alike.

Work with us! Period. We promise it will be awesome. Contact our team today to learn more about the magic we can create together.