August 17

Winners of the 2015 Unplugged Film Contest


bragtag-unplugged-cocoa-productionsHave you watched any of the entries from the 2015 Unplugged Film Contest yet? If not, you’ll want to check out the winner as well as a few of our very-honorable mentions. We’re thrilled contestants took the time to “unplug” and test their burgeoning filmmaker skills!

The Contest

Encouraging children in our community to try creative endeavors is a big goal of ours, and it’s the reason we created the 2015 Unplugged Film Contest. A perfect contest for the young, aspiring filmmaker, the event was open to participants who were residents of Heber Valley. There were no restrictions regarding content so long as it was family friendly—we suggested animation, documentaries, and educational videos, but whatever the kids wanted to do was fine. Each video could be no longer than seven minutes.


The Winner

The film contest winner is the creator of a video entitled Our Rad Summer, which showcases young family members and friends livin’ it up as they should when the weather’s warm. The video, which featured fun music throughout, shows its subjects sailing over dirt mounds on their bikes in the Heber Valley, jumping into pools slow motion-style and then “jumping” back out again, playing on jungle gyms, and generally having fun doing lots of awesome stuff. The shots of the kids on their bikes are quite spectacular, especially set against the backdrop of Utah’s so-rocky beauty.

The video also features photos, but we were mainly impressed by the unique range of film shots it included.

Honorable Mentions

Our team was impressed by numerous video submissions, and favorites included My Eternal Family, which showcases seven generations of one contestant’s family via photos and videos. Another favorite was Rescue Squad, a quick, stop-animation video of a toy firefighter putting out a fire; don’t worry, the flames were made of paper. We also loved the incredible LEGO castle created by one contestant. He showed the castle in its entirety and explained its many nifty intricacies.


CHDHY-401_main1Congratulations to Heather Sullivan, the creative force behind Our Rad Summer, and enjoy your brand-new GoPro camera! May you use it to bring forth new and super-cool videos that we at Cocoa Productions are sure to enjoy. And congratulations to our fabulous “runner-ups,” all of whom did a great job and are encouraged to continue honing their filmmaking skills.

The 2015 Unplugged Film contest was created in conjunction with the Play Unplugged Program, which works with local businesses to help kids to get up and get active.

Tell us what you think of the entries by commenting below!


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