January 23

Why We Took the HIGH Way and Loved It


If you’ve seen our previous body of work, you will notice that we have relied primarily on our clients to tell their own stories in order to promote their businesses. While this was effective, it wasn’t necessarily what anyone would call an exciting day at work. (Not that those businesses weren’t exciting… we still love you guys.) But this is why we were so eager to work on our project with Elevated Transit. For the first time, we were given the freedom to tell a story from our point of view, which opened up a whole new world of possibilities. What went into this video was brand new and exciting in a lot of ways

Elevated Transit is a bus service that runs all over Utah, connecting everywhere from as far as Salt Lake to Blanding. Wasatch Transportation is currently running the service and are great to work with. The service is oriented and dedicated to connecting friends and family, as well as other things like allowing tourists to access a great adventure in Moab straight from Salt Lake in an easy and efficient way.

This shoot was much more complex than any project we had done thus far and so we took the liberty to make it as fun as we possibly could. Our hope was to capture and promote Elevated Transit in an interesting and exciting way while staying within the means of our budget, which we were able to do. And yes, we had a blast.

There were lots of variables we had to consider during the planning stage: bus schedules, locations, actors, crew, weather, etc. Most of this was still pretty new to us but we were definitely up for the challenge.

Initially our storyboard followed five stories, which we later narrowed down to three: A college student meeting up with a friend, a mother and daughter visiting a grandmother, and a group of adventurers exploring and hiking in Moab. This worked out really well for us because, after further investigation, we discovered that these were the main types of people traveling with Elevated Transit and for these reasons. We knew that following these stories would capture what Elevated Transit is all about: having fun and connecting with loved ones.

After we had our story nailed down, we hired actors and crew members. This included our principal characters as well as extras. We figured out a shooting schedule that worked well for everyone and then we got to work. Filming took place on set of every location. We wanted it to feel authentic and real and so we shot on actual Elevated Transit buses and actual places that those buses travel.

The emotional appeal was easy to capture, simply because the stories were heartwarming and easy to relate to. We didn’t have lines for any of our actors because we felt like their actions would be plenty to capture the idea and feeling.

The funnest part was filming the adventurers’ story to Moab. The idea of an adventure alone is fun and exciting, but we were also able to play with lots of fun ideas for how to portray their story through a camera. Our actors hiked on real paths and the camera followed them everywhere that they went. We were able to get some really cool shots using a drone coupled with some great timing and angles and what we ended up with is spectacular. It’s just fun to watch and definitely elicits the emotions that we were looking for.

We worked everything out and could not be happier with our final product. It was an awesome experience for us and we would absolutely love to do it again. We know that we are a relatively new business but we also know that we are very capable of handling whatever any project might bring our way and that we can handle it with an immense amount of style.



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