January 15

When Fitting In Is Not Enough: The Jill Tuttle Project


In the cutthroat world of business, it’s natural to look around at everyone else and try to mimic what they seem to be doing right, especially if you’re the new or little guy. This isn’t a bad thing, as a matter of fact it will probably get you a little bit of business. If you are content being part of a lineup of carbon copies, then be our guest and jump up on that shelf.

That was a joke. Don’t do that. No one wants to be that kind of business. Unless you do, in which case you shouldn’t. Case in point: When real estate agent Jill Tuttle met with Cocoa Productions to express her need for advertisement, we knew right away that this production wasn’t going to be like the millions of real estate videos already out there. That just isn’t how we roll. We decided that we were going to find a way to make Jill stand out against her competitors. So picture this:

*Opens with a scenic shot. *Jill feeding ducks at a pond. *Jill turns as if surprised. *Jill: “Oh, hi. I didn’t see you there. My name is Jill Tuttle…”

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO PLEASE NO! Someone help that poor woman!! Oh wait, that’s where we step in. Not only were we determined to make this video unlike the others, but we made it top priority to not be cheesy or lame.

What we decided to do was to first establish familiarity with Jill Tuttle as a person and then also as a real estate agent, one better than all of the others.

It’s human nature to act positively toward someone whom we feel familiar with. Being connected to someone by virtue of any attribute—the same values, same passions, same interests, etc.—makes us feel comfortable and more trusting towards them. We recognized this and focused our video around this idea. We took something about her that we knew many people would identify with and made it central to the video: her love for Heber Valley, the place where she lives and sells.

We heard Jill’s story and knew that it was perfect for the video. Frequent visits to the valley caused her to become infatuated with the place, so much that she decided to move there. Though moving comes with challenges, especially for a family with children, it was the best decision of her life. This alone was an inspiring story that we used in order to make her personable and relatable for her clients, but we also used it to promote her service, making her exhibit A of her own market.

Setting someone apart from the rest could get tricky, but it’s doable and fortunately our client gave us a lot to work on. After meeting with her and getting to know her, we found a few things that could help her rise above her competitors. It just so happened that our friend Jill was an outdoor enthusiast. She would often take her clients to experience Heber Valley activities such as horseback riding, kayaking, and biking. We pegged this as what we wanted to capture in our video because it would show that her brand of work didn’t start and end with deeds and documents, which is a notable trait that people would be intrigued by.

By capturing this in our video, we were able to shine a light on Jill Tuttle that made her look like not only a professional businesswoman, but also a personable individual just like you and me who would be easy to work with. It also helped her promote the area that she is selling for. So it was like a win-win-win. Two for her, one for us.

Our video definitely stands out from other videos created for the same purpose, because here at Cocoa Productions, we are about going above and beyond in a new, fun, and exciting way. Help us stand out by letting us know what you think of our final product.

Cocoa Productions is always ready for creative challenges that will help you get the results you need. Do you have a challenge for us today? Feel free to contact us through info@cocoaproductions.com and let us get the work done!


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