October 7

We Support Our Local Businesses


At Cocoa Productions, we’re always thrilled to support Heber Valley businesses, including Labrum Chevy and Ford. Over the last several months, we’ve witnessed the town’s other dealership being eclipsed by one of the big, bad businesses outside of the valley. This definitely made us frown!

Labrum Auto Group has always looked for ways to compete with fellow dealerships, many of which regularly put a whole lot of green into their community advertising efforts. Most dealership commercials inundate viewers with flashy graphics that quite literally flash onscreen, as well as gimmicky lines that are just plain annoying. And sure, those tactics might work for those dealerships, but Labrum Auto Group had different ideas in mind. The dealership has much in common with other local businesses that choose us, in that team members were hoping to highlight the personal, genuine side of their company.

The auto group approached us to help them craft stellar television commercials that truly highlight what Labrum Chevy and Ford stands for. The subsequent TV commercials double as customer testimonials videos. Each of the three commercials we created features local residents discussing why they love the dealership. One woman mentions how staff never talks down to her or makes her feel uninformed about vehicles. An older man talks about how personable and friendly owner Danny Labrum is, while another woman mentions how Labrum donates a car to the local school every year.

The central thesis of each of these TV ads? That Labrum Chevy and Ford is the real deal—a local company that goes above and beyond to help residents and otherwise be part of the community. The dealership’s hard work has paid off, as it remains a well-known member of the business community and a place where team members always strive to assist customers with what they require.

Our Labrum TV ads will be shown through Comcast Cable, so if you’re a local Comcast subscriber, you’ll have a chance to check them out. The number of Heber Valley residents switching to Comcast continues to grow, with 85 percent of residents in neighboring Park City using this cable option.

If you and the team at your local business are interested in targeting audience members in Wasatch and Summit counties, Comcast ads are a great way to go about it. They allow you to geographically target your audience so you may enjoy wider brand awareness and greater return on investment.

Why don’t you have ads like this? Let’s set up a consultation time.


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