September 7

Three Great Reasons Why Video Marketing is the Way to Go


I cannot stress enough the value of using video as a tool to get your brand message to a wider audience. If you still haven’t considered the importance of video marketing, then allow me to quickly explain why.

Say more in less time.

Let’s face it. Not a lot of people will read through an entire page of a website if they can help it. People are very quickly distracted these days, so the faster you get your message across, the better. Video marketing can do that for you. In just 30 seconds, a great video can:

  1. Effectively showcase your brand
  2. Give your target a good grasp of what you’re offering (products/services)

REMEMBER: 1 minute of video equals 1.8 million words.

Easily distribute content and drive traffic to your site.

At this point, I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard of the term “viral content.” And while going viral can be good or bad depending on a video’s content, you’d ideally want to go viral for something positive. Case in point: your product.

What makes your product so great? What will make people want to click and share your videos? If you can get people clicking, watching, and sharing your videos, driving traffic to your website will be a breeze. And of course, more traffic means better sales opportunities.

Establish yourself as an influencer.

Let’s say your brand belongs to a saturated niche. It might be a little more challenging to stand out from the rest of your competitors. But it’s not impossible. Part of great video marketing is finding a way to create innovative content that’s helpful to your target market. Identify that, and you’re already one step ahead of your rivals.

Make yourself a credible, go-to brand by establishing yourself as an influential entity in your industry. You can never go wrong with credibility.

Speaking of credibility, have you ever seen brand websites that feature customer testimonials? Now, having customer testimonials on your website is not necessarily a bad thing, but here’s where it can get tricky.

Written testimonials can easily be made up.

The sad truth is that some of these testimonials—I say “some,” not “all”—may be fabricated. You can’t blame consumers for thinking that way, especially if they’ve had bad customer experiences in the past. One of the best ways to put out convincing testimonials is to have your actual customers express their thoughts about your brand through video.

This was just what we did for Nature’s Balance, a lawn treatment service company here in Utah.

Yes, it was tricky. Not a lot of people like being recorded on camera, after all. But by putting a face and voice to a customer testimonial, you give the impression that you have been working with real people. Nothing is more convincing than having satisfied customers tell other potential customers about their pleasant experiences working with your company.

Take a look at the work we’ve done for Nature’s Balance below:

Cocoa Productions specializes creating quality video content that suits your company’s needs. Contact us today and let’s start working on your video marketing strategies!



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