Video Marketing Rock Star–UVU Wasatch Campus

We love working with clients interested in really and truly connecting with their target audience, and couldn’t be prouder of our recent work with UVU Wasatch campus in Heber City, Utah. Our super-talented staff recently crafted a fantastic video the university is currently using to show people why theirs is one of the best college campuses around. University heads realized the power of video marketing, and chose us to film their campus and its inhabitants.

What Makes UVU Special

A video the school will be using for the next few years at student recruitment events, conferences, and in paid advertisements, it showcases what makes the university special and why people of any age looking for college options should check it out. The piece features interviews with alumni, staff, and students, all of whom highlight what makes UVU great: a community campus feel, small, intimate classrooms, convenient location, flexible scheduling, personal professor attention, and easy navigation for wheelchair-bound attendees among other reasons. It’s easy to tell that everyone interviewed in the video is passionate about UVU and happy to recommend it to anyone living in Heber City or the surrounding area.

Behind the Scenes

uvu-drones-compiledOur team of professionals each brought their expertise to the making of this video, and we’re proud of how it turned out. From filming using indoor/outdoor aerial shots, to interviewing, editing, and graphics we knew we’d be able to bring more to the table than our competitors and at a more competitive rate.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the UVU Wasatch staff, with special shout-outs going to Tom Melville and Mike Warner. We used quadcopters to shoot behind-the-scenes footage and capture ah-mazing interior and exterior shots. Our team is pretty darn obsessed with quadcopters, aka drones, aka small flying robots, and we never get tired of working with them. We also shot aerial footage of the campus exterior that shows the beauty of the surrounding area, as well as the small campus feel.

Bringing Home the Message

Many are overwhelmed by the thought of a huge university and essentially being just a number in an enormous classroom. Our video evince that UVU’s small classrooms, one-on-one time, and easy campus navigation are just some of the many reasons to attend this university.

The team at Cocoa Productions is very excited to work with a client like UVU Wasatch, as we’re all about promoting awesome people, organizations, and businesses.

As a premier marketing agency specializing in small business promotion, we’d be happy to create a video or three for you. Let’s do one and show folks why your business rules.