Done For You or Done With You Video Production

Done For You
Video Production

You don't have time to pick up a camera. You want to hire the professions to bring in their equipment to get the job done. We can do that. In fact we have a system to do that all around the country.

Done With You
Video Production

Why spend extra money on paying someone to film? You're fine using your own camera or picking up your smartphone! Let us support you through the process!

Done FOR You Video Production

Let us be your production team in your back pocket.  Included in our video package:

  • Standard production equipment: lighting, microphones, sliders, gimbals & other.
  • 4K filming resolution (Final video in HD 1920x1080)
  • Scripting Session
  • Color correction
  • Commercial licensed music track
  • Graphical animation such as animating logo and company contact details on screen.

Our most popular video package is the half day film shoot (pricing below). This includes helping you script and plan your video content, filming at your location or inside our studio (a single cameraman/director with assistant), and standard post production. Speciality equipment, extra camera persons, and added post production such as graphic animations can be added when needed at an extra fee.

If you're concerned about us not being local to your area, don't worry. We can find a local videographer to do the filming in your area and we'll take care of the rest.

Click "Book Now" to schedule your shoot or schedule a 30 min phone call to discuss your video project in depth.

Video Production Examples

Heber Valley Department of Tourism

One of our the videos we are most proud of. Over a period of a year and several film shoots, this video shows many of the reasons why people love Heber Valley.

Golden Rule Foundation

This is a great example of what we can create during a half day shoot that will go on to better explain your brand's story and company's initiatives. 

Desert Garden Inn

We love filming at resorts. Part of the challenge the business owner faces is getting the people needed to filmed. We can take care of all of that!

Midway Ice Rink

One of the largest ice rinks in the state of Utah, the Midway Ice Rink is an amazing experience. This video went on to help save the rink from being no more.

Extremis: The Clear Experience

This part-showcase, part-testimonial video gives viewers a look into Extremis's Clear Experience. By giving an inside look at their training and the opportunity to hear from those that have participated, the audience is given a sample of the experience.

5 Home Value Tips

Home sellers get straightforward advice from Landon Bonner as he goes through the top five tips to increase their home value in this educational video.

One time

A one time video shoot for a half day (3-4 hours) including standard post production.




  • 10 day editing turnaround
  • Advance scheduling
  • No commitment

Continually create the videos you need by having monthly half day film shoots.




  • 7 day editing turnaround
  • Priority scheduling
  • 12 month agreement
  • Monthly planning session

Save Up To 20% OFF

Ask about how to save up to 20% off your video project simply by providing signed model and property releases. 

Studio Examples

Best Foote Forward

This problem-solution video presents the struggle of loving and helping someone battling addiction. Tom and Shay have been through it and offer empowered family recovery as the solution.

Guild Value Formula

Tom Stone explains really clearly what goes into getting a home mortgage and the value that Guild Mortgage offers.

Innovative Harbor

Educational videos can help boost sales but providing valuable information to your potential customers. Our studio is an ideal location for this type of filming.

Studio Packages

Don't have a place to film? Come to our studio and get the video made that you need.

STudio Basic

For those needing a place to film their video.




  • 2 hour studio scheduling
  • 10 day editing turnaround
  • Basic graphic animations
STudio REntal

Looking to rent our studio monthly to film your own videos of take photos?




  • 20 scheduled hours
  • 6 month agreement
  • Use of fixed lighting equipment
  • Use of teleprompter

Done WITH You Video Production

Why spend extra money on paying someone to film. You're fine using your own camera or picking up your smartphone! Let us support you through this process!

  • Access to one of our video professionals to walk you through the process.
  • Scripting tools
  • HD video resolution
  • Commercial licensed music track
  • Graphical animation

Below you can purchase a package of 4-6 marketing videos varying from 15 sec to 90 secs each.

Done With You Video Examples

TLN Family Dentistry

TLN Family Dentistry was able to bring in new clients with this mix of showcase and promo style video. Show the benefits of your company to your audience and reel in your own new customers!

Selphi Eco Salon

In this showcase-style video, Carissa shows off her one-of-a-kind environmentally-friendly salon. Notice how the use of custom-animated graphics help to highlight her key points.

High Country Spas

Our client had some fun ideas, but didn't know how to bring those ideas to life. Teaming up with us, he was able to create a fun video while bringing attention to and promoting his business.

One time

A one time creation of an estimated 4-6 marketing videos that are 15-90 secs each. Package price = $1,194.




  • Access to how-to video course
  • 10 day editing turnaround
  • Text animations

Create new video content by having your marketing videos made monthly. Package price = $834.




  • Access to how-to video course
  • 7 day editing turnaround
  • Text and graphical animations
  • Landscape & square versions
  • Clip library

*Price averaged across six estimated videos but we do not guarantee that number of videos due to the complexity of your desired videos.

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