Smartphone Video Packages

Filming your own marketing videos with your smartphone will not only help you save money but offer more flexibility to capture footage when best for you. Take advantage of our smartphone packages below and use the power of video to build your organization!


Working with our team makes the video process so much easier. We'll suggest what equipment to purchase and use, help plan and script your video, and even give you feedback on your filming to make you better. Select the package that best fits your needs by clicking the "Sign Up" button. 

Single Video

Let us help you plan and film a video on your smartphone. Our team of editors will turn your footage into a polished video.




  • 60 sec HD edited video
  • Color enhancement
  • Logo & text animation
  • FREE stock clips
  • Commercial music track
  • 2 rounds of revisions
Videos & Marketing 

Build your business by not only creating regular videos but also marketing them to your targeted audience through ads on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube.




  • Unlimited video editing
  • Multiple social media marketing campaigns
  • Email/SMS messages
  • Custom built landing pages


Lifestyle Chiropractic

This chiropractor had someone run in within minutes of his video ad launching. He quickly became a believer in the power of video marketing and this was after being frustrated trying all kinds of different social media strategies!

The Beauty Lounge

Salons run on word-of-mouth, but we can stimulate that! Getting quality videos out in your community is a perfect way for current clients to comment and share their love for you. Check out the immediate results in this example.

Guild Mortgage - Tom Stone

After several years of marketing challenges and no movement in annual revenue, Tom Stone started our video marketing process. After 6 months he started to see the results. Now his business is hitting record highs.