Professional Video Projects

Coordinating video production for your business or agency can drain your time and lead to poor results. At Marketing Videos Club will help you not only get the video you want but also a better price and experience. We’ll find local professionals to come to your location and film. Once the filming is done our editing team will turn around your video quickly usually in a matter of weeks.

Example Projects

A project that required filming throughout the year capturing several activities during different seasons.

Multiple filming locations following their customers with a fast turn around.

Indoor drone shots and quick action with this extremis air gun executive training.

A client who had amazing footage from one shoot that we turned into usable TV commercials.

A great example of creating a professional video to help a small business grow which they eventually grew and sold for a profit.

Coordinating shoots can go smoothly which we were able to do while filming all three of this client's locations.

Finding several actors to fill scenes while not taking away from paying guest's experience.

Sometimes a client needs video when there's not much activity at their location which our solution is to find other locations (different states even) where we can get what we need.

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