February 9

How To Prepare To Film – You NEED To Do This!


When you’re working with us we try to nail down a film date so that. If not, your project may take a back seat. The other reason is so that you and your staff can get ready to film. Preparing is key. When the time for action arrives, the time for preparation is past!

So how do you prepare? What things should you check or practice? That’s why we created this handy video. Here’s also a handy checklist for you to use.


  • Several hours before you film, please insert your camera batteries to ensure they are completely charged.
  • Ensure all previous footage from your microSD card has been uploaded to your computer and format the card so that you have the maximum amount of space.
  • Double check that you have all your accessories in your kit.
  • Review your shot list and gather any remaining props.
  • If you’re filming outside, check the weather to make sure it’s appropriate for filming.
  • Remind those that will be filmed to dress appropriately.


  • I have filmed myself or someone else while walking with the OSMO.
  • I have practiced keeping someone or a prop in the shot following the rule of thirds.
  • I have assembled the tripod setup.
  • I have filmed someone speaking using both the lav and shotgun mic.
  • I have checked the audio levels of what I’ve filmed to ensure that the audio is not too loud or too soft.
  • I have looked at the lighting that I’ll be filming in and avoided mixed lighting situations as best as I can.
  • I have looked at some unique perspectives that I can film and made note in my script.
  • If needed, I have practiced speaking with the teleprompter app.


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