January 26

The Power Pose – How to Keep Your Energy High While Being Filmed


Did you know that the camera literally zaps energy from you? I’m not exactly sure what’s going on but something happens when the camera captures you. It takes your energy levels down a notch or two. So what do you do about it?

High energy is important because if you don’t come across as enthused about your topic then why should your audience be? Viewers like to be entertained and hum drum boring doesn’t do it.

Also, keep in mind that when you film for periods of time, you naturally wear down. The tip I’m about to share not only helps pep you up at the beginning but also draws back the energy needed to keep going after a while.

First I want to say that this tip works! In fact I just used it today at a client’s film shoot. The owner watched us as we filmed one of his employees and we had the employee do this. The owner was skeptical until he was in front of the camera and was struggling. He turned to me and asked me to teach him this trick.

The Power Pose

You may have seen this at a TED talk or on the Dr. Oz show. It’s called the “power pose.” Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist explains that when we get into a high pressured situation which is often how people feel when being filmed, you should use this power pose.

Stretch your arms all the way out to your side making yourself “large.” Puff your chest out. A great way to envision the pose is think of a runner winning a race. What do they do when they win the race? They throw up their arms in victory. Do that and consciously think that you’ve got this! I like to also take a few breathes in and out.

Now Cuddy says that you should do this for 2 mins or more to get the real effects however, with my client’s they’ll see a benefit when only doing it for a few seconds. I’ll have them do this when they’re just starting out after I’ve given them a few instructions about being on camera. It helps them not get overwhelmed when starting.

If I noticed that over time they’re starting to get frustrated or self conscious, I’ll have them stop and do it again. It becomes a healthy reminder to refocus on what they’re trying to say.

I’d love to hear from you! Try this out and let me know if it works next time you’re in front of a camera.


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