December 7

Maximize Your Video Viewership! Remember These Simple 3 Tips!


Let’s say you’ve realized how powerful of a tool online video is and finally decided video marketing is for you. You’ve begun creating content that sets yourself apart from competition, and you’ve also found ways to creatively innovate your videos. Your content is great, but the viewership can use a little boost. What do you do?

In this infographic created by Kissmetrics and Wistia, they share video marketing best practices to ensure that your content gets maximum viewership.

In a nutshell, there are 3 things to remember:

ONE: Keep Users Engaged

Bear in mind that because technology has allowed us to receive and process information so much faster than before, our attention spans have become significantly shorter. We get distracted very quickly, or grow impatient when we’re not given what we expect. And because there are millions of great content on the Internet being published every day, it’s easy to “lose” a potential customer if we fail to capture their attention, even if only for a few minutes.

To keep your target audience engaged, create video content that’s short and simple. After all, not a lot of people have ten or even five minutes to spare watching a marketing video. Studies showed that keeping your videos to a minute or less will yield the best results.

Furthermore, providing your audience something fresh and useful is a great way to hold their attention. Do you have something awesome they definitely need to see? Put it in the beginning of the video. This way, you will be able to convey your message before your audience gets bored and decides to do something else.

TWO: Take Note Of Video Length

According to Wistia’s data, shorter videos get more engagement than their lengthier counterparts. For example, an average 30-second video got viewed 85% of the way through while only 50% of an average 2-minute video was viewed.

You can’t fit all your content into 30-second videos all the time, of course. But in cases where you find it necessary to produce longer videos, make it as short and punchy as possible to guarantee maximum engagement.

THREE: Keep Track Of Play Rates

First of all, what are play rates?

Play rates are very much like the open rate for an email. It is the percentage of unique visitors that click the play button when they are presented the video. If the play rate for your videos is low, don’t worry. There are several factors that affect this, and you can always alter them to see which works for you.

These factors include:

  1. Video thumbnail – The first frame a viewer sees when they open a page with a video.
  2. Video placement – Where the video is located in terms of a page layout.
  3. Video size – How big the video is (can affect the speed by which it is streamed/loaded).

As you can see, these details can easily be changed according to audience response. This is why tracking play rates is important–so you will be able to tweak around these factors after understanding what works for you and what doesn’t.

Take a look at the complete Kissmetrics and Wistia infographic below:


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