August 11

Oops, My Bad: When Marketing Misses the Mark


What happens when your marketing misses the mark? How does it affect your business?

Last month, Ken Garff Automotive was put under fire for billboard ads that depicted law enforcement in a negative light. The ad—which showed a photo of a Utah County officer and the words “He doesn’t hear you. We do.”—gave people the impression that local law enforcement was unreliable. The company has since apologized and taken the billboards down.

The Problem: Ego-Marketing

Ken Garff is known for putting out some humorous ads in the past, but here’s where they messed up: No one seemed to have bothered checking in with the current social climate. As it is, people in the law enforcement community have already been struggling with negative publicity. The ads certainly did not help.

Mistakes like these can easily happen, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise. A simple blunder can effectively throw everything you’ve worked hard for out the window. We don’t want that.

Bottomline: Don’t think only within your silo.

Thinking only within your silo happens when you come up with marketing strategies without taking into consideration your customers’ opinions, or current events within your community. Put simply, it’s ego-marketing, the easiest way to commit potentially disastrous mistakes.

The Solution: Work With the Pros

Take my word for it: You want to work with marketing professionals. You want experts to remind you not to get stuck in your silo and help you make better decisions.

So before you begin creating your next campaign, remember to pay attention to what is happening in your community. Don’t just think about how your business will benefit from your marketing strategies. Think about how they can inspire, educate, and empower your target consumers as well.


“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov

Are you a business owner who feels like marketing is such a mystery? Don’t worry. I created a simple Measured Approach to Marketing Course to help you. In this course, I discuss the top mistakes businesses make with regards to marketing, and how to best avoid them.

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