Press Record & See Your Business Grow!

What if you had powerful videos that clearly communicate your business offerings? Then imagine those video appearing in front of your target audience? What would that do for your business? 

Club Membership

When you become a club member we become your marketing agency. We will grow your business through quality marketing videos. You get access to all our bag of tricks as well as our team of pros. Below are a few of the things included.

Targeted Ads

Our team will work to build the campaigns targeting your ideal customer on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, & more.

Lead Management

You'll have access to our customer relations management software to manage your leads and see your businesses growth.

Access To Team

Have direct access to one of our video pros who will make sure everything in your campaigns are running smoothly. 


Get immediate access to our training programs to help empower you and your staff to join in the marketing efforts.

Call Tracking

We offer call tracking to help confirm the campaign effectiveness along with track the first impression of the lead.

Video Ranking

A really powerful addition to our system is to rank your videos organically in your local Google search.

Case Study


Beating your competition is as simple as getting in front of your target audience more often! This orthodontist saw awesome results. Click to download the case study. Please note this video was filmed prior to our re-branding.






New Leads

Other Examples

Here are a few businesses we've been able to help through our marketing process.

Spa Services

If you run a spa and want to pull in new customers, read this case study. We'll give you the results of our campaign. Schedule a demo to walk through the actual campaign.

Salon Services

Salons run on word-of-mouth, but we can stimulate that! Download this case study or schedule a demo to walk through the actual campaign.


We hear from B2B businesses that their customers are hard to reach. Not with the targeting capabilities on social media! Take a look. Schedule a demo to walk through the actual campaign.


Our campaigns can become the survival of your restaurant. Download this example campaign and Schedule a demo to walk through the details.


This chiropractor had someone come within 3 mins of his campaign going live! See the details when you schedule a demo to walk through the actual campaign.

How Does It Work?


We blast your video to your target audience on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.


We measure and optimize your campaign to get the biggest bang for your buck!


Marketing doesn't make sense unless you get a return on your investment.