March 8

Heber Valley: Beauty on Purpose


Tourism videos are a lot of fun to watch. Done right, they can really whet your appetite for adventure and make you want to just pack your bags so you could travel to that destination you’re seeing on screen.

Last year, Cocoa Productions was contacted by Heber Valley Tourism and Economic Development for an exciting project that took almost a year of planning and production. The objective: To create a stunning video for the organization that would compel tourists to put Heber Valley on their bucket list of destinations.

To achieve this, we decided that the video should be two things:

Aesthetic in the sense that anyone who views the video would be impressed enough to pass it on, making it viral, and;

Functional so that a viewer would be interested enough to stay on the Heber Valley website to do more research on the place and its attractions (or in the case of off-site views look up the Heber Valley website for details).

Careful planning was a huge part of this process, as seasons changed and offered the valley offered something new to see and experience. But the great thing is that Heber Valley is picturesque in every angle possible all year round, and we maximized the use of our aerial filming equipment to showcase that. We also did some color grading work to make sure the colors are as vivid and crisp as possible.

Of course, no tourism video would be complete without a montage of activities in store for anyone who visits, and we made sure to add in a little bit of everything that makes Heber Valley the amazing tourist destination that it is. There’s something for everyone: From scenic rides on the Heber Valley Rail Road to relaxing dips in Homestead Crater, from biking trips at Center Canyon to great dining experiences and wonderful afternoons of golf.

“From start to finish, working with Jeff Kohler and Cocoa Productions was a positive experience,” Ryan Starks from Heber Valley Tourism and Economic Development said. “Cocoa Productions quickly bought into the vision and produced an excellent product that exceeded our expectations.  The team is personable and professional in their approach, and I look forward to working with them on future projects.”

We are looking forward to reach a wider audience with this campaign through some upcoming tourism conventions around the country. In the meantime, take a look at our finished work below:


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