Cheese Anyone?

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Today, that sentiment is never clearer than with high quality video, and in this case local TV commercials. Heber Valley Artisan Cheese has demonstrated the power of creating local Comcast ads to promote their business thanks to enthralling commercials all about their story and why they love everything cheese. Short yet beautifully done and highly engaging, their video ads make it easy to understand why they love what they do….and the ads inspire viewers to make some serious, dairy-tastic purchases.

The Family Legacy

Why We Do What We Do

The Son Returns

A Unique Cheese Company

Video advertising doesn’t have to be large-scale to be effective. Heber Valley video advertising, produced by CoCoa Productions, has helped Heber Valley Artisan Cheese get where they are today, and from a marketing perspective the family-owned company is poised for incredible success. Head cheesemaker Russ Kohler worked tirelessly for a long while to build brand awareness, from attending local functions to meeting with assorted media groups to creating video ads for local TV. With this latest foray into local advertising, Kohler and family believe they can easily increase their customer base.

With the goal of creating brand trust through relatable stories, the videos created by Cocoa Productions display some of the most important aspects of the artisan cheese company, exemplifying the brand’s values and processes. From healthy cows grazing beautiful fields to several generations of family members working together, viewers witness the passion that goes into each day on the ranch. The videos tell important stories, which viewers can connect to: In one segment, the family’s prodigal son’s returns after a few years in the engineering industry. Rather than sitting in an office all day, the son found he’d much rather return to the family farm and work outdoors with his wife and children. Another segment touts the uniqueness of Heber Valley’s processes, as they “control the milk all the way from the cow to the consumer.” The company notes that what they feed their cattle directly affects the end product, and stresses that the cheese has been made entirely by their family for generations.

By advertising on local television, Heber Valley Artisan Cheese has not only reached a wider audience, but also emphasized what makes them special: local, handcrafted artisanal cheeses. With Comcast ads, the company has showcased their unwavering dedication to family and to perfecting each phase of the cheese-making process. Rather than purchasing cheese from companies who get their milk elsewhere, Heber Valley Artisan Cheese subtly stresses the importance of buying local. They have successfully catered to their target audience—area and regional residents—with ads that show the beauty of their farm, the health of their livestock, and the joy and pride the family obviously feels when doing what they love.

Businesses take note: if seeking to capture the attention of a local audience, Comcast ads in Heber Valley are a great way to go about it. Ads that demonstrate the passion of company members creating great products is a fairly straightforward yet highly effective way of increasing brand awareness, as anyone who watches an Heber Valley ad is likely to watch additional advertisements (at the very least) if not visit the company’s official site and order a product or two.

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