How To Film With Your Smartphone Course

Our course covers what equipment you should buy to get up and filming quickly, how to script a powerful marketing video, and how to edit it quickly! Click to get instant access to our course.

Course Includes

Section 1: Getting Started

In this section I cover all the important things in order to get started on the right foot. You need to have the right expectations. I also talk about how to prepare to film by scripting out a winning video. Including videos on:

  • The Right Mindset For Video
  • Why Video Works When Marketing
  • Tools & Equipment
  • How To Script a Video
  • Having Energy On Camera
  • 6 Types of Videos

Section 2: Recording Sound

The first most important thing to consider is how to record sound. If your audience can't hear or understand what you're saying in your video then they're gone! This section I cover different mic options best for different situations as well as tips for systems that have worked well for me. Including videos on:

  • Two Main Microphones
  • How To Get Clean Sound
  • Audio Tricks
  • Recording Audio Separately
  • Boom Microphones

Section 3: Stabilization

Shaky video is another sign of amateur work. In this section I walk through ways to use a tripod and other tools that help your videos turn out smooth and professional looking. Including videos on:

  • Tripod Basics
  • Which Tripod Is Right For Me
  • 3-Axis Gimbals
  • Internal Stabilization

Section 4: Lighting

Using even simple light like from the sun can be tricky. Let me show you how to make your videos look much better by using whatever light source is available.

  • Lighting Basics You Need to Know
  • 3 Point Lighting Setup
  • How to Film With Only One LIght

Section 5: Techniques

Now you've got the tools and know how to use them, let me show you the techniques that will help you capture great video.

  • A-Roll & B-Roll Footage
  • Wide, Medium & Close Up Shots
  • 4K & HD Resolution
  • The Rule of Thirds

Bonus Lessons

There's an art to making effective marketing video ads. In this section I'll share other videos I've made teaching how to build effective ads as well as a few more things.

  • How to Build an Effective Ad
  • Filming Movement Techniques


Have questions? Get unstuck or get moving quick to your goal of creating marketing videos for your business with the included one-on-one with one of our video coaches. You'll receive help scripting, selecting equipment or even reviewing footage you've shot so far.

Script Templates Downloads

Not only understand how to script and film your videos but also get script templates that will help you create just about any video you may need. Click and download one of our worksheets to see how we walk you through the process.

What's Included?

Here's a quick list recapping what you'll receive in this video course package. Click the button below to purchase and get instant access.

  • All videos on how to make videos on your smartphone
  • Bonus lessons on how to build specifically marketing ads
  • Script template downloads
  • One-on-one with video pro
  • Lifetime access

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