30+ Seconds

It’s no secret that people want to buy products and services from experts they trust. Educating your audience establishes you as an expert and helps your audience build confidence and trust in you.

Come up with 2 to 5 different points about a subject then film each point. Upload them below and you'll have an educational video in no time!

Video Structure

Follow these steps:

Intro Video: First film a short clip explaining what you'll cover and why someone should watch.

Point Videos: Next film up to 5 separate videos with each covering a single point. 

Point Text: Starting each point video will be a short animation of some text which should summarize that particular point. 

Clip Videos: You have the option of placing one clip starting at the end of the text animation illustrating that particular point. 

Ending: Review the points you covered and give them something to act on like an offer.

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