Promotional Video

30 Seconds

A promotional video is designed to bring in new customers. The goal is to give your audience a compelling reason to purchase and have an experience with you. ​

Thirty seconds should give you plenty of time to explain and show your offer! Grab your audience with a hook and then give the details. You’ll also have the option of adding b-roll clips that showcase your product or service.

Have too much time, try the 15 second version by clicking here.

Video Structure

Similar to our 15 second promo builder, the 30 second version gives you more time to explain your offer as well as time to emphasize your call to action. ​

0 - 5 Seconds: In your first 5 seconds you need to quickly catch attention and help the right viewers connect with your promo message.

5 - 25 Seconds: In the middle and the majority of this video you'll explain your offer and how to qualify for it. This is also where your clips will appear.

25 - 30 Seconds: Finally you'll talk to the camera and explain what to do next to receive the promotion.

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