Promotional Video

15 Seconds

A promotional video is designed to bring in new customers. Quickly give your audience a compelling reason to purchase and experience what you have to offer.​

Fifteen seconds gets right to the heart of your offer! Grab your audience with a hook and then explain your offer. You’ll also have the option of adding b-roll clips that showcase your product or service.

Need more time, try the 30 second version by clicking here.

Multiple Video Formats

Each builder creates your video in multiple aspect ratio sizes. Wide is a traditional video format and fits most platforms. Square is great for social media. Vertical is specific to certain social channels such as Facebook & Instagram stories. Click the play button below to see examples of this specific automation in different size formats. The beauty of having your own custom automation is that you can select which size formats you want as well as adjust the structure and branding within your animations.

Example Video



Example Video

Sample Client


Video Structure

Quickly make a 15 second promotional video that will bring in new business.

0 - 5 Seconds: In your first 5 seconds you need to quickly catch attention and help the right viewers connect with your promo message.

5 - 15 Seconds: During this time you'll explain your offer and how to qualify for it. This is also where your clips will appear.

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