Video Builder

Below are the different builder tools you can use to automate building a video ad. Each video tool has instructions and a process to follow. Purchase one of our packages to gain access to all our video automations or let us build a custom automation that fits your particular needs and branding. Try building a 15 sec promo video for FREE!

Video Automation - Our Automatic Video Builder

As a typical video production company we realized that the there were standard video structures we would follow over and over when making an effective marketing video.

We then found some amazing tools that would allow us to automate our video creation process. Better yet, we could empower our clients to film their own videos then upload the clips and in a matter of mins have a professional video!

Take a look at the our video products below. When you're ready become a member and start promoting your business with quality videos!

Promotional Video

15 Seconds

Catch the attention of your potential clients with a promotional video. Having it only 15 seconds allows for your video to be seen more as a Facebook video ad.  >> Build Now  

Promotional Video

30 Seconds

Catch the attention of your potential clients with a promotional video. This 30 second video will pull in new customers with an enticing offer they can't pass up.  >> Build Now  


< 60 Seconds

It's one thing to say your products and services are great but much more powerful when your customers say it! Make testimonials a regular part of your process.  >> Build Now  

Video Business Card

< 60 Seconds

Impress you potential customers, empower your salesforce, and be easy to refer by having a video business card--a brief introduction to you & your business.  >> Build Now  

Quick Tip

30+ Seconds

Stay top of mind by posting regular content to your channels. Creating a regular tip that answers a burning question your customers have will build a connection.  >> Build Now  


30+ Seconds

Solidify you as the expert in your field with regular video educating your target audience. Show how your tools can solve their problems with an educational video.  >> Build Now  


30+ Seconds

Any easy way to key up your product or service as the answer to your customer is by relating to their problems and showing that you can solve them.   >> Build Now  


 < 120 Seconds

Show off a new product or service with an overview video. This is where you can explain the features (tangibles) and benefits (intangibles) of your product. (coming soon)