How We Work & Play: The Midway Swiss Days Project

“Find a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Who doesn’t know this age old adage? But while it sounds great and inspiring, it could get a little difficult to achieve. Unless, of course, an opportunity presents itself. The Midway community spirit is always so alive. In my opinion, there […]

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On Marketing: 3 Tips To Help You Think Bigger Than You Are

What does it mean to “think bigger than you are?” All too often, I meet with potential clients who claim they have reached success in their business without spending a dime on marketing (or so they say). They usually say they only rely on word-of-mouth marketing because “that’s all anyone needs.” I disagree. While word-of-mouth […]

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BOOM! Goes the Mobile Ads

Google mobile ads

Last month, the Wall Street Journal posted an article about how the current demand for mobile ads has resulted to a profit surge for Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company. As more advertisers began shifting to mobile and capturing more users in the process, Alphabet Inc. is now enjoying a 24% increase in profit. According to […]

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Oops, My Bad: When Marketing Misses the Mark

Ken Garff billboard

What happens when your marketing misses the mark? How does it affect your business? Last month, Ken Garff Automotive was put under fire for billboard ads that depicted law enforcement in a negative light. The ad—which showed a photo of a Utah County officer and the words “He doesn’t hear you. We do.”—gave people the […]

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Heber Valley: Beauty on Purpose

Tourism videos are a lot of fun to watch. Done right, they can really whet your appetite for adventure and make you want to just pack your bags so you could travel to that destination you’re seeing on screen. Last year, Cocoa Productions was contacted by Heber Valley Tourism and Economic Development for an exciting […]

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Why We Took the HIGH Way and Loved It

If you’ve seen our previous body of work, you will notice that we have relied primarily on our clients to tell their own stories in order to promote their businesses. While this was effective, it wasn’t necessarily what anyone would call an exciting day at work. (Not that those businesses weren’t exciting… we still love […]

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We Love Weddings! Drinks All Around!

Weddings are some of our favorite things—they certainly beat out raindrops on roses and brown paper packages tied up with strings—and we’re always eager to climb aboard the love train and assist clients in need of high-quality wedding video and photography services. Limited Budget Issues? Consider Re-budgeting Wedding video and photography projects usually face budget […]

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We Support Our Local Businesses

At Cocoa Productions, we’re always thrilled to support Heber Valley businesses, including Labrum Chevy and Ford. Over the last several months, we’ve witnessed the town’s other dealership being eclipsed by one of the big, bad businesses outside of the valley. This definitely made us frown! Labrum Auto Group has always looked for ways to compete […]

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