April 9

Benjamin Hardy: Congruence. Courage. Commitment.


It was a complete pleasure to work with Benjamin Hardy. Ben hired Cocoa Productions to create a video encapsulating him–his personality, the concepts he lives by, and the awe that he finds in the everyday beauty of life. We love these types of projects because our clients put a lot of trust in us. Trust like that gives us the freedom to help direct and create something awesome.

Ben is an amazing thinker and very motivational. His incredible story about how he was able to change his life gives just about anyone hope. In a nutshell, Ben was in place he didn’t want to be, but within a few years he was living his life exactly how he wanted. Now, he’s a PhD student studying motivational behaviors. We’ll let Ben tell his own story–check out his website.

If you’re interested in creating a similar video that helps tell your company story then contact us today! We’d love to do the same for you.


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